QUALITY STANDARDS: Politics/Time of Service

  1. REACH:

All Transekur services.



  1. Transekur guarantees to be at the collection site, at least 15 minutes before the requested time, but the driver must be in place 30 minutes before pickup time. Whatever the situation, if this is not met, the customer will be charged for the service (it’s free).
  2. The responsibility of the office on time and with the characteristics specified by the contractor is a primary responsibility of the operations manager and secondary service agent on duty.
  3. The agent who handles each client must be aware of the office on time of service, direct and continuous with the driver or the operations manager communication. You call your customer (who pays) to tell the time:
  • Transekur service is dispatched.
  • The passenger is collected (contact)
  • The passenger is left at your destination.

This standard must be followed on every trip, without exception, except when the customer (paying) specifically asks not call to inform every part of the process, in which case the service agent must insert a note in the system by specifying that request by the customer.

Because this responsibility is shared between operations and the service agent , the consequence of failure will be shared equally .

The trips that negligence of one of the two parties end in a delay in the agreed time of collection will be deducted from the customer and covered (discounted) in full, at the rate shown on the reservation perpetrators of such delay.

This discount will be made in a single payment, immediately following the incident fortnight.