How Early In Advance Can I Fill The eTicket Dominican Republic 2021

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How Early In Advance Can I Fill The eTicket Dominican Republic 2021

The ETicket Dominican Republic is a new way of completing the immigration and customs form prior to entering the Dominican territory, and that includes Punta Cana.

Begninig September 1st  2021, the Dominican republic immigration authorities changed paper forms to this new digital formats.

What you complete is not an ETicket Dominican Republic. You complete a form on the Dominican immigration authority website that generates the  QR Code. Then you must show at passport control to get in or out of Dominican Republic.

Remember when you are departing you can complete the ETicket Dominican Republic in advance as soon as you have your airline reservation ready.

In addition to the code, as of November 2021, you also need a Covid test done within the last 72 hours before you leave the Dominican Republic.

The ETicket that’s generated by the form also includes your customs declaration. You can complete the ETicket if you have your ticket number and ask for final itinerary ready.

Once you have your itinerary for your departure and arrival in the Dominican Republic you can log on to the immigration website and complete both your entry and exit ETicket Dominican Republic.

There are websites that are charging money to tourist to complete the ETicket. tThe ETicket is a free service provided by the Dominican government you don’t need to pay anything.

Before you start completing your form have your passport itinerary and localizer at hand so you can complete the fields and you don’t waste any time completing the form.

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