Customs And Immigration Lines at the Punta Cana Airport in High Season

One of the most common questions we get from travelers visiting Punta Cana is how long lines at Punta Cana airport during the high season are.

The truth is lines can be 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on season and day of the week.

High season starts when the northern hemisphere starts to get cold (November) and ends just after spring break, along with high occupancy of resorts and long lines at the airport.

There’s good news to solve the long lines at Punta Cana airport: you can buy VIP Fast Track; a service rarely offered in larger airports around the world but that is very popular especially after COVID.

In addition to high season, if you add the most popular days to travel it can really get busy.

Longer lines at Punta Cana airport are seen also between Fridays and Sundays, which are the days that most passengers decide to fly in and out of Punta Cana Airport.

So, the two recommendations we can give you to avoid starting your vacation off in long lunes at the Punta Cana Airport is: book fast track and have a transfer ready outside when you do customs.

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How Can VIP Fast Track help me avoid long lines at Punta Cana Airport

Fast-Track service allows you to skip lines (immigration and customs) while you wait in an air-conditioned room with snacks and drinks, while airport staff does all the paperwork and even gets your bags.

That’s right! They assign someone to go down to baggage claim and get your bags, bring it back to the VIP room and escort you to your transfer in a private driveway.

If you’re traveling during the cold season in the north and especially if traveling on Saturdays and Sundays, make sure you avoid lines at Punta Cana Airport and book fast track with one of our partners, along with your Punta Cana transportation.

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