Colonial City

Tour of Santo Domingo Colonial City

$299 for up to six passengers, $499 up to 20.

The Santo Domingo Colonial City is the oldest constantly inhabited city in the American Continent. Transekur offers a half day, Santo Domingo Colonial City tour; a two and a half hour adventure in a luxury vehicle with a private bilingual certified tour guide, with whom you will travel in all comfort through the history of this 500+ year old city.

Visit the oldest city of the New World and Christopher Columbus’ first permanent settlement after his “discovery” of the Americas. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1992, Santo Domingo is a city with many firsts in the New World with the first cathedral, paved road, university, hospital, stone home, tavern, and many others.

You will visit the Columbus Palace. Completed in 1514, it was the home of Christopher Columbus’s son, Diego. From the Palace we walk through the historic Plaza de España and onto Calle Las Damas (the fist paved street of the New World). Our ultimate destination is one of the most important sites in the Dominican Republic: the First Cathedral of the New World, “Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor”. With our tour to Santo Domingo, you’ll experience the city’s rich history and the daily life of everyday Dominicans in their capital of 3 million inhabitants.


Our driver and tour guide will pick your party and you up at your desired location in a luxury SUV with Wi-Fi Internet access and complimentary cold drinks (non alcoholic). The 4.5 Hr route will take you to the most important locations  in the Santo Domingo Colonial City:

Tour program:

  1. Panteón Nacional – ENTRANCE AND WALKING TOUR
  2. Palacio de Borgellá
  3. Monumento La Atarazana
  4. Alcázar de Colon – ENTRANCE AND WALKING TOUR
  5. Reloj de Sol
  6. Catedral de Santa María la Menor (Catedral) – ENTRANCE AND WALKING TOUR
  7. La Casa del Cordón
  8. Casa de Las Bastidas
  9. Museo de las Casas Reales
  10. Casa del Tostado
  11. Iglesias de Santa Bárbara, Iglesia de Las Mercedes
  12. Convento de los Dominicos
  13. Convento Regina Angelorum
  14. Puerta del Conde
  15. Puerta de la Misericordia
  16. Ruinas de San Francisco – ENTRANCE AND WALKING TOUR
  17. Hospital Nicolás de Bari

At the end of the our, you and your party will be driven back to your hotel or desired location. Contact us today for more information or to book your Private Luxury Tour from Transekur.