Luxury SUV Rental Dominican Republic

Travel Securely with a Driver You Can Trust

Whenever you travel to a foreign country, the most reliable, convenient, and secure way to get around is with the assistance of a dedicated driver and car. That’s why Transekur offers luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic. No matter where you are in the world, a good driver is indispensable for helping you get from one place to another safely and on time. They are the ones who are most familiar with the conditions of the roads, hidden local routes, and the locations of all the most popular sights. A good driver can get you where you need to go when you need to be there, and they can do it better and faster than any GPS system available on the market.  This is because local drivers, especially Transekur’s drivers, possess knowledge that could never be expressed on a map, which is truly invaluable for someone who is traveling in an unfamiliar country.

Particularly in the Dominican Republic, it is extremely beneficial to hire a driver and a car because of the nature of the country and the conditions of the roads. The quality of the roads varies greatly across the country, which can make it difficult and dangerous to navigate if you are not familiar with the terrain. This can be avoided by hiring a knowledgeable and reliable driver, who knows the current conditions of different routes across the country. Transekur offers luxury SUV rental Santo Domingo and luxury SUV rental Punta Cana to meet your transportation needs in the Republic.

An experienced local driver also knows of other driving peculiarities that are particular to the Dominican Republic, such as driver habits and potential hazards, which enables them to take all of the necessary precautions to keep you safe. In the Dominican Republic, it is not uncommon for road conditions to change quickly, or for drivers to be confronted with dangers such as animals on the road and other reckless drivers. Despite the potential risks in the Dominican Republic, or in any other foreign country, it is a trustworthy driver that will help you travel and arrive safely whether you are going from the airport to a hotel or to a dining experience in downtown Santo Domingo. An established and reputable luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic service is a smart and comfortable choice for those who travel with safety in mind.

Transekur’s Fleet of Vehicles for Luxury SUV Rental Dominican Republic

If you are looking for luxury SUV rental Punta Cana or luxury SUV rental Santo Domingo, then Transekur’s fleet of luxury vehicles is bound to impress everyone that travels with you. Each vehicle is a recent luxury model that is maintained through a rigorous daily routine to ensure that it is always running in top condition and that it is always clean and fresh on both the interior and exterior. We inspect every vehicle daily to make sure that it is roadworthy and can be relied on for the entire duration of your trip. This helps us make sure that every trip is carried out with a safe vehicle that is ready to take on the challenges of the road and get you to your destination on time, safely, and in absolute comfort.

Below is a list of the models owned and operated by Transekur for luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic:

Cadillac Escalade – 4 Door, Full Size Luxury SUV with 6 Passenger Seats

The Cadillac Escalade is a plush luxury SUV with all the features necessary to provide a luxurious and safe ride. With a sleek exterior, dependable performance, and our custom design finishes, this is a vehicle you will not want to leave. Some of the amazing features include:

  •       Captain Style Seats with Full Leather Interior
  •       Front and Rear DVD Capabilities
  •       Full Air Conditioning and Climate Control
  •       22” Wheels
  •       LED High Beam Technology for Safe Travel at Night
  •       Large Cargo Space for All of Your Luggage

Chevrolet Suburban – 4 Door, Full Size, Extended Length Luxury SUV with 6 Passenger Seats

The Chevrolet Suburban is a world-renowned luxury SUV that is recognized for its safety and performance features. Frequently chosen as a family vehicle for the comfort and adaptability that it can provide, the Chevy Suburban is an SUV that will never leave you stranded. That’s why it is part of luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic. Some of the features that make it so dependable include:

  •       Forward Collision Alert
  •       Intellibeam Headlights
  •       High Tech Anti-Theft Systems
  •       Fold Flat Second and Third Row Seats
  •       Multiple USB and Power Outlets
  •       Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

GMC Yukon Denali XL – 4 Door, Full Size, Extended Length SUV with 5 Passenger Seats

The GMC Yukon Denali XL is one of the most popular selections among our clients for luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic. It is an extended luxury SUV that has features fit for any situation and is respected for its reliability and safety on the road. Some of the features that distinguish the GMC Yukon Denali XL as a world-class vehicle include:

  •       Adjustable Telescopic Steering Wheel
  •       First Class Leather Interiors
  •       Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control
  •       Cargo Management Systems
  •       Heads-Up Display on the Front Console
  •       Acoustic-Laminated Windshield For Exterior Sound-Proofing

Chevrolet Tahoe – 4 Door, Full Size Luxury SUV with 6 Passenger Seats

The Chevrolet Tahoe is known for its capability and the comfort that it can provide. Similar to the Chevrolet Suburban, the 2016 Chevy Tahoe is a fully loaded, full-size luxury SUV that is guaranteed to carry you everywhere in style. Some of its incredible features include:

  •       Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Capabilities
  •       Multiple USB and Charging Ports
  •       Adaptable Seating Configurations
  •       Side Blind Zone Alerts
  •       7 Air Bags and Crash Response Systems
  •       Comfortable Full Leather Interior

Ford Escape – 4 Door, Compact Luxury SUV with 3 Passenger Seats

The Ford Escape is a compact luxury SUV that outperforms its size. Although it is one of our smaller vehicles, the Ford Escape still packs everything necessary to provide a comfortable and secure ride. Some of the features of this vehicle include:

  •       Air Conditioning and Climate Control
  •       Folding Rear Seats
  •       Power Windows and Power Locks
  •       Anti-Lock Braking System
  •       Power Lift Gate
  •       Sync Technology for Hands-Free Calling and Music Options

Luxury SUV Dominican Republic Travel – Always More Than Just Safe and Reliable

It is a well-known fact that safety and reliability are two of Transekur’s top priorities. This has been proven over years of dependable service and countless safe trips, which has contributed to establishing Transekur as one the best for luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic. No matter what destination in the Dominican Republic, whether you want luxury SUV Punta Cana services or transportation to any of the other amazing locations in the country, Transekur is the first choice for the majority of our visitors. Our chauffeurs provide personalized service with great attention to your needs and safety. While other companies may promise safety and reliability, this cannot always be guaranteed due to the commonality of third party contracting in the Dominican Republic. 

However, Transekur sets itself apart from the competition. We own and operate every car in our fleet, which means that we can ensure that our level of service is always at the highest level possible. This is not only what makes Transekur the top choice for so many visitors. Transekur also believes that luxury service is just as important in creating the ultimate experience for luxury SUV rental Dominican Republic. Transekur strives to ensure that every trip is a luxurious, VIP experience, as well as one that is always secure and dependable.

Transekur’s commitment to luxury is unparalleled in the Dominican Republic, and this is extremely evident through our attention to detail within our fleet of vehicles and our consideration for every need that may arise during your journey. We take every extra step to make sure that you experience total comfort during our door-to-door transportation, airport transfers, or any one of our other high-end services.Another high-end service is limo bus service. If you have a large party, then our limo bus service might be a great option for you! 

Every one of our vehicles is upheld to a supreme standard that ensures we can provide a level of luxurious comfort no matter which type of service or transportation you may require. Not only are Transekur’s vehicles some of the best available for luxury SUV Dominican Republic, each vehicle, and driver are equipped to provide you with high-quality service that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Some of the luxuries features inherent to our fleet include:

  •       Fully bilingual (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian) and knowledgeable drivers
  •       WiFi internet access in every vehicle
  •       Mobile phone services with unlimited calling to North America, Puerto Rico, and local numbers
  •       Multiple USB and charging ports
  •       Cold refreshments (alcoholic beverages available upon request)
  •       Fully stocked first aid kits
  •       Emergency rescue services
  •       Secure GPS tracking
  •       Modern vehicles with leather interiors
  •       Air conditioning
  •       Music and stereo systems        

Book Now for the Ultimate in Luxury and Safety

Although we can only attempt to describe the level of luxury and comfort that you will experience in one of our safe and reliable vehicles, the best way to for you to know what Transekur has to offer is by booking one of our luxury SUV Punta Cana or luxury SUV Santo Domingo. Contact one of our helpful representatives today to book your transportation services with Transekur.

Whether you are visiting on vacation or travelling on a business trip, Transekur guarantees that you will not only receive one of the most dependable and secure rides of your life, it will also be among the finest of luxury services available in all of the Dominican Republic. Don’t wait any longer, contact us now to book the ride of your life.

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