Driver’s Conduct on Duty

Dominican Republic Airport Transfers

Congratulations on booking a fabulous vacation to the Dominican Republic. You’re moments away from enjoying the country’s beautiful beaches, warm ocean waves, and idyllic surroundings. What is an important part of starting your trip off on the right foot? A smooth ride to the hotel with Dominican airport transfers by Transekur.


SCOPE: All Transekur drivers and services.


    • As a policy, for any service, the driver must be in place for collecting at least half an hour before the minimum time prior service: 1 hour for services in the city, 1.5 hours for services outside the city of origin.
    • Tardiness service has serious consequences, which carry a high cost for our client and therefore makes us jointly responsible, legally of the consequences of being unpunctual.
    • Drivers who have contact with customers must be kind, greet customers, ask if it is the first time they are in the country and ask if they need anything they want to buy before arriving at the hotel, airport or destination.
    • It should be noted not go from being helpful and friendly to bother the client. All persons having contact with the client must have some personal touch and realize when customers do not need anything or do not wish to be disturbed or ask them anything.
    • The work of the driver is to be kind, answer the questions that make them customers if so, but must have the ability to judge when the client does not want to continue making conversation.
    • The driver should always monitor compliance with all the basic safety rules: do not talk on cell phones while driving, not exceed speed limits, do not use the directional relining and prudent speed and avoid other vehicles with behaviors des apprehensive and respect traffic lights and lanes or direction of the streets, not “stealing bits” or make U-turns where it is not allowed.
    • Keep the vehicle speed below 2,000, surpassing them only in emergencies (passes in risky places). This has the dual function of controlling the speed and sudden movement’s passenger besides representing fuel economy and less burden engines units.
    • Remember that most of these passengers have never walked through the streets of Rep. Dom., and for a foreigner this can be a stressful experience. It is the job of the driver to maintain calm, respect all rules and try to keep the client in a calm atmosphere, without sudden or violent movements that can give the perception of insecurity.
    • Our customers are coming or starting a journey of an amount of time we do not know, so the focus should be to show the utmost kindness and empathy without saturating.
    • Should be offered to help with luggage, starting with the elderly, women, children and the rest of the passengers.
      In case of rain, the umbrella must have on hand to protect customers and as far as possible to their luggage.
    • Try passenger luggage as his own, avoiding throwing and riding him or disassembling the vehicle blows are heard.
      Offer drinks to passengers are in the vehicle immediately mounted, do not wait to start to offer them.
    • Normally services are pre-paid, ie, the passenger should not pay anything for the trip unless you are instructed otherwise, in which case it will give the driver a bill as proof of receipt of payment passenger.
    • The driver shall not use perfumes or air fresheners in the units. Similarly, the driver sows must have its seat belt fastened, whenever the vehicle is in motion, and should use their prescription lenses if the required, as directed by your driver’s license.
    • The driver must have updated his driver’s license, which will be verified.
    • The driver must verify that the vehicle documentation is within this before you get it: registration, insurance, etc.
    • The driver must verify that the elements for emergencies such as triangle, fire extinguisher and first aid are present in the vehicle.
    • The driver must verify that the additional services, if required are also within the units before departing.
    • A pre-departure check-up should be included as routine, where the physical condition of the vehicle is reviewed, lights, air conditioning, radio, windows, trunk-release and reconfiguration thereof, adjusting mirrors, turn signals, brake lights and any other element that may pose a danger to the safety of the driver, the passenger and the integrity of the vehicle.
    • The driver must complete the checklist (Inspection) of the unit before each service.
    • If the driver has any notices on the board, immediately notify your supervisor prior to departure.
    • It is strictly forbidden for any customer or passenger pay, offer or provide cover meals or drinks the driver.
      If the driver experience a supply of this type, we suggest you politely decline the invitation, explaining that the company provides a credit card to cover the costs of travel, and that politics cannot accept or cash for such purposes, or offers to cover any food or drink.
    • The company does not cover food and beverages for drivers, except for services in which the driver must sleep outside the city, situation which the company charges a customer additional amount in the bill, to cover these expenses.
    • The corporate credit card can be used to cover the cost of the food of the driver, which will later be deducted from payment of that month, as long as the driver present your proof, as with all charges made during the month.
    • The driver and team members of Transekur absolutely must not disclose any information about TSK customers, especially about things they do, destinations, or spoken within the units.
    • Each team, including drivers and office staff with access to private information of customers and passengers must keep in mind at all times the importance of the confidentiality of any information they have access.
    • Keep in mind that due to the profile of our customers, often Transekur team members have access to inside information about the itinerary of passengers as well as conversations within the units that can be handled highly sensitive issues confidential.
    • A violation of the trust of a passenger or a customer can cost businesses not only to the company but may lead to legal consequences for the company and even for the employee involved in an incident.